Our Services

If you have a safety cover please remember that liquid chlorine must be added in early April if you plan to open your pool after May 1st. These covers are not air tight and let sunlight through. You will have algae if you open after May 1 without adding chlorine!

The use of salt water chlorine generators is becoming increasingly popular in North America and some inferior low cost generators are starting to appear. We install the Aqua Rite salt system made by Hayward. These premium units cost $2295 plus tax installed with salt and set up and we have several servicemen trained and knowledgeable in their use.

If you require any special work (e.g. new tiles, liner work, marbleite, equipment etc.) please notify us immediately so that we can schedule the work in order to have your pool ready on time.

Please call for pricing.

  • Remove Cover, Open Pool, Start System & Vacuum
  • Partial Openings & Closings
  • Drain, Clean and Open Spa, Replace Fittings & Start System
  • Drain & Acid Wash Concrete Pool & Start System
  • Weekly Vacuum (includes up to 1 hour Labour and chemical check)
  • Chemical Check Only
  • Service Calls (Repairs, Equipment Replacements, Etc.)
  • Safety Cover Install
  • Winterize Pool With Cover